Heating Instructions

Heating Instructions
Once your order is delivered, it's important to make sure you properly store and reheat your items prior to consumption. Check out our quick list of heating instructions and pro tips below!
  1. Microwave - Vent container, microwave in 90-second increments. Stir the meal (if applicable) after each heating. 
  2. Stove-top - Transfer to skillet, heat on low for 5-10 minutes. Add water if necessary and cover.
  3. Oven - Transfer to oven-safe pan. Bake at 325 for 15-20 minutes.

Pro Tip #1: Drain excess water. If the meal doesn't have an absorbent carb (such as rice), there may be excess water in the container after heating. Just pour the water out. 

Pro Tip #2: "Slack out" the meals. If you are planning to eat a meal within 48 hours, store in the refrigerator. Thawing the meal out a little will allow for a more consistent cook with less microwave time!