Meet Chef Finley

Executive Chef Ciara Finley was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. With a mom from Mississippi transplanted in New Orleans, Ciara developed her love for cooking at a very young age enjoying great down home recipes from her mom and creole cuisine from family who were natives of the city. 

With over 15 years management and leadership experience in the spa and hospitality industry, she developed a love for catering to others. She was able to utilize her networking prowess to start a small scale catering business in 2016. This business was birthed out of the necessity to provide fresh, clean, allergen free foods for her daughter who battles food and environmental allergies.

Chef Finley Family

Searching for more growth and development in the food service industry, she decided to attend culinary school where she received degrees in Advanced Culinary Arts and Advanced Baking and Pastry from the Louisiana Culinary Institute.

Chef Finley has worked at the Augusta National Golf Club for the 2017, 2018, and 2019 Master’s Tournaments where she received the prized Masters Culinary Team chef’s coat for her hard work.

Chef Finley - Louisiana Culinary Institute

Chef Finley is a Certified Culinarian and Certified Pastry Culinarian through the American Culinary Federation. She has received certifications in ServSafe Food Protection, Hospitality and Restaurant Management, and Nutrition. She has also won a bevy of prizes in many culinary competitions.